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Multi language POS Shopspeed provider POS is committed to the development of the bar code industry, specializing in the development of multi language collection and silver system, development, production and sales, with the company's strong technical force and economic strength, and constantly develop new products with advanced technology in the industry. Launch business speed Shopspeed multilingual POS cash register cash register software touch one machine, the attention in the business Invoicing deposit clothing shoes, bags and food and beverage industry such as collection of silver management system in the entertainment industry. Through years of accumulation user needs software upgrade, existing language version is divided into simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese language support, products widely used in domestic and international bar code cashier, wholesale retail supermarkets, department stores, hardware, accessories, brand stores, catering restaurants, West restaurants, tea shops, fast food shops. Clothing clothing store, luggage store, brand shop, shop received silver management.
At the same time, to better combine business and customer needs, to provide quality one-stop bar code collection management solutions, the company and the major brand manufacturers, is now becoming a new TSC automatic identification of authorized agents, other brand partner agent products are: bar code printers, bar code scanners, bar code data acquisition, bar code portable printer, paper labels and other peripheral equipment.
Headquartered in Guangzhou City, the major cities in the country have distribution agents, service network throughout the world. The company's internal implementation of network management, relying on advanced computer aided design system and computer management system, convenient transportation advantages, to achieve standardized operation, in the shortest time to provide users with high quality products.
Companies in the technology leader, quality first, customer first principle to provide our customers with satisfactory service.
At present, the company provides the management system for the collection and management of the company, and the supporting facilities and service support. At the same time, it has developed the system management software based on Internet. It is one of the influential Internet application service providers in China. The company will adhere to customer oriented, application oriented strategy, continue to focus on the development of information technology in the field of information technology companies, companies, shopping malls, information and service providers. The path will be adhering to the "harmony, participation, passion" culture, grow together with customers and partners to make concerted efforts, common development.
Company since its inception in 2000, proactive, continuous innovation, with good corporate reputation, a unique business style and strong market development ability, and achieved a remarkable results. Over the years, we have a fast and stable development, we can not do without a very good partner in the opening.