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    Multilingual POS/Dyypos contact

      Phone:(86)155 2133 6125

              (86)155 2133 6121



         Multilingual POS online





         skype Skype: yangdaip


          Wechat can contact online by scanning QR code

         Address: 8 / F, block C, Bainaohui technology building, No. 596, Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

          You are welcome to visit our company to discuss with our customers and partners. Please give us information or call in advance to arrange reception because of the inconvenience caused by busy business.

           Welcome to contact us through the above methods. Since our company is located in Guangzhou, China, contact in non China area will be recommended to use timely chat tools such as QQ or wechat due to time difference or communication tools. We will always be online to keep in touch, such as through email, and we will reply later in time.