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The function of multi language POS dining software

In order to combine the actual application requirement management, the entrance of landing management software is divided into three modules [background management] [sales] [sales] [fast food sales]. [Admin] main function is establish, point meal management query report files and other functions, sales prospects [] is the main function of single member using the specified table real and single point meal to eat after the payment mode, [fast-food sales for cashier instant meal Instant Collection checkout, the following menu information support.

Back-stage management

Sales: sales prospects, fast-food sales, price setting, set up special dishes.

Basic information: dining table classification, set meal Taiwan subsidiary, kitchen printer, label printer, bank card classification, storage location, classification of dishes, food breakdown, practices, common information, kitchen commonly used commands, holidays set, Department of information and image ads and text ads.

Customer management: recharge packages, VIP card information, VIP card consumption records.

Inventory management: data warehouse, supplier information, customer information, purchase management, drawing management, inventory management, inventory query, purchase report (pooled procurement suppliers, suppliers purchasing specifications, supplier, summary report, procurement detailed reports, procurement, summary report).

Financial assistant: fund account, income and expenditure items, daily project budget and expenditure, income and expenditure detail report.

The report center: sales reports (receivables summary table, sales list, fast-food sales list, schedule of food sales, food sales summary table, sales group summary table, collection time chart), special record (records food back, giving records, user operation records, room access), inventory query

Electronic Recipes: import scripts, terminal management, picture ads, text ads, registration server, cancel registration, synchronize data, publish recipes.

System: to modify the password, password card, group permissions, user settings, replacement users, backup and restore data backup database management (import list of dishes, update the database, data cleaning, query analyzer) parameter setting, report design, print format design, replace the print server, exit the system

Sales foreground

RECEPTIONIST: sales sales (selection, founding date shift, founding order (number, cancel, empty, unit price, discount, price, practice, gift, note, rename, refresh, modify packages, eat buffet, takeaway / information, branch, reprint, single reminder, kitchen, communication open the print, search, sell all settings, confirm the dishes (checkout) place an order VIP card, real / Taiwan fees, fees, service fees, tea, discount rate, discount, confirm the checkout (bank cards, cheques, cash coupons) list, temporarily returned), VIP card, delete the entire single price setting, scheduled open, cash box, record sales, cashier summary, inventory inquiry, clear statements, parameter setting, machine cleaning, locking) including statements statements, modify password, open the box, change the user, parameter setting, summary report, return to the desktop, shutdown.

Fast food sales

Fast food sales: fast food sales (select date shift, quantity, delete, empty, unit price, discount, practices, gift, renamed selected units, modify packages and updates, sales records, kitchen communication, open cashbox, Gu Qing settings, return of goods, packages, special promotion, search, grades, locking, checkout (disable printing, often feed, takeaway, room service, tax rate, VIP card, discount, clear, notes, bills, cancel) exit) shift statements, statements of machine cleaning, modify passwords, cashbox is open, change user, parameter setting, summary statements, to return to the desktop, shutdown.

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