Multi language standards into the standard version of the deposit, the Chinese and English POS receive silver software, multi language collection and banking system

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Introduction of software function of multi language POS Standard Edition

In order to combine with the actual application requirement management, the entrance of landing management software is divided into two modules [background management] [foreground sales].. [Admin] the main function is to file establishment daily enters sells saves the management query statements, and other functions, sales prospects main function is the cashier to use to achieve fast retailing, the following support function in the menu information.

Back-stage management

Basis Archives: commodity classification, commodity file, print bar code labels, printed price tag, warehouse file, shelf files, between units grouping, unit between files, customer files, a multi code set, transfer of goods, deleted, commodity file, currency, bank records, default file, business archivists, counters file

Procurement: intelligent replenishment, purchase orders, orders from suppliers, in front of the order list, not orders, fast forward warehouse, purchasing Jincang, returned purchase, purchase price adjustments, ordering summary summary, procurement of goods.

Customer: customer orders, sales orders, customer receipt,

Retail Management: retail checkout, retail returns, retail, node, query sales price adjustment, price adjustment, cash register settings, set payment, front parameter setting, small ticket formatting, text ads, image ads, sales a single query, cashier summary report and payment way of summary, cashier shift information, user record collection, Group sales statistics, sales summary report, sales period summary statements, sales drilldown reports, silver statistical chart, chart of single product sales, sales summary report. ,
Promotional Management: promotions, special promotions, bundling of goods.

Member center, VIP card files, a VIP card integral statistics, VIP card expired integral management, VIP card pin fee records, stored value card recharge, records of consumption, consumer summary statements, customer consumption records query, recent consumption of customer records, query customer ledger records, pre contract number setting, member reservation management.

Storage management: inventory query, query shelf-life, warehouse pull tone, transferred out warehouse, warehouse receipt, inventory pre processing, data acquisition device is arranged, send product information, inventory of single input and inventory form input, inventory inquiry, inventory change, inventory conversion, goods for personal use, reported loss of goods.

Financial assistant: capital account, payment of the purchase, supplier shall pay, supplier reconciliation details, customer receivables, customers should receivables, list of customers reconciliation, business income project settings, business income single, expenditure, revenue and expenditure report in detail, and balance of payments Department of general statements, account summary report, the daily profit table.

Report center: basic file (commodity price change record query, deleted files, query, commodity staff birthday birthday, purchasing (query) report summary report, supplier, supplier, supplier detailed reports, summary reports on procurement, procurement of goods, commodity summary summary purchasing details), sales report (customer sales, customer list sales summary, customer sales date summary, sales date summary, merchandise sales, merchandise sales summary details), inventory report (inventory conversion summary table, Stubbs for scrap statements, inventory abnormal records), sales charts, overstock commodity statistics, commodity Invoicing, Invoicing merchandise query, report the classification of goods Invoicing statements, business sales revenue, compared to the record of user operation, between units of historical records, monthly data query, audit according to the single query.

System: modify password, password protection settings, change user, group permissions, user settings, password management, knot the end of turn, backup and restore, database management, parameter setting, data acquisition device is arranged, report design, exit the system.

Sales foreground

Cashier: choice date shift, search, appearance, calculator, help, locking, exit, quantity, discount, the business member, return, delete, transferred, product search, download data, VIP card, re print, inventory, gift, choose machine number, empty, lodging, by single return, booking / sales, upload data, customer information, the report center, the collection (payment way, foreign currency, VIP card, discounted, concessions, checkout).

Shift, reporting center, data upload, upload again, card query, modify password, replacement of users, data update, data download, practice mode, repair the file, parameter setting (conventional, printer, cashbox and customer display, real-time electronic scale, system tools, exit the program.

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