Clothing shoes package management system in multiple languages, English fashion cash register software, in the English fashion cash register system

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The function of multi language POS clothing software

In order to combine with the actual application requirement management, the entrance of landing management software is divided into two modules [background management] [foreground sales].. [Admin] the main function is to file establishment daily enters sells saves the management query statements, and other functions, sales prospects main function is the cashier to use to achieve fast retailing, the following support function in the menu information.

Back-stage management

Basic information: product classification, product information, manufacturer barcode, transfer of goods, color code database, size group settings, data warehouse, data bank, area information, supplier information, customer data.

VIP card: VIP card information, VIP card points query, VIP card consumption query.

Purchase management, purchase orders, procurement, warehousing, procurement return, suppliers, summary report, supplier summary report, supplier report in detail, procurement summary report, purchasing date summary report, procurement detailed reports.

Retail business: set the cash register, set of small ticket format, front retail, retail returns, retail, knot, repeated data collation, cashier summary statements, commodity summary report, sales report in detail, sales of single query, group sales statistics, query the onstage of customer ledger, front desk customer consumption query, history best-selling commodity summary, historical unsalable goods summary tables, cashier summary charts, historical single product sales charts.

Sales management: customer orders, shipment sales, sales returns, customers, summary statements, customer summary report and customer detailed reports, sales of daily summary reports, sales summary, sales summary report (colorless) codes, sales report in detail.

Storage management: commodity inventory query, real-time inventory query, barcode printing, warehouse adjustment drawing management, pull statistical statements, inventory change management, personal management of commodity, commodity scrap management, personal use scrap statistical statements, commodity inventory record abnormal.

Inventory: inventory preprocessing, data entry, inventory data entry, inventory data query.

Financial assistant: total funds, business income project, operating income, operating expenses, capital income / spending, money in and out of the report in detail, the supplier should payment summary reports, customer receivables summary statements, accounts receivable / payable a summary query, purchase, payment, customer receivables, customer ledger receivables.

Report center: classification of sales revenue comparison, merchandise Invoicing report, delete the commodity query, data monthly and processed.

System: user login, modify password, password protection settings, users groups, user settings, password management, database management, system settings, data acquisition device is arranged, report design, exit the system.

Sales foreground

Cashier: select the date shift, search, appearance, calculator, help, lock, exit, customer information, machine number, gift, replacement, Guadan, clear summary, upload data, notes, reprint sales table, cashier, table number, salesperson, open, delete, search box, transferred goods, download information, inventory, receivables (VIP card, VIP card, discount, discount card, customer, pay, cash vouchers, account, check), shift, reporting center, data upload, upload, query, modify the password replacement card, users, data, data download, new system settings (conventional, equipment, printer the box, set, customer display,), exit the program.

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